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Institute Mission & Vision


The Vallartense Culture Institute is in charge of preserving the cultural heritage of Puerto Vallarta in a comprehensive manner, as well as supporting and generating programs aimed at the creation, development and promotion of the various artistic and cultural manifestations.


• To increase the presence of art and culture in the municipality through projects, exhibitions and cultural events.

• To stimulate artistic and cultural creation with freedom of expression, in accordance with the municipal objective of promoting and disseminating local heritage and identity.

• To value cultural diversity as a substantial element of human existence, recognizing that city’s nature requires dialogue with the various cultures of the country and the world.


Artistic education workshops

• Cultural agenda

• Cultural use of diverse stages

Library & cultural promotion activities

Cuale Cultural Center

At the Cuale Cultural Center there is an auditorium for multiple uses, suitable for projections, stage presentations, conferences and meetings, organized by the same Vallartense Culture Institute, as well as individuals and groups both independent and linked with other cultural and educational instances.

In addition to the auditorium, workshops are located around the central esplanade all aimed at the training and development of scenic, visual and music artists, both locals and visitors.

In this way, the Cuale Cultural Center concentrates various strategies and initiatives to strengthen the social fabric through a rich cultural agenda available to everybody.


What we know today as the Cuale River Island appeared in 1926, after the river floods, it bifurcated to leave a temporary island in the middle of both arms.

For some time the island was used to plant palm and fruit trees, and there were also a few simple houses.

Known during a time as Santa Clara Island and also as the Kids Island, during 1975 a group of workers dredged the river bed to make the island a more permanent surface, which was then used as a kids playground.

On May 1st, 1999 the rehabilitation and equipment of the Cuale municipal workshops began thanks to a joint effort between the Jalisco state government, the Puerto Vallarta Town Hall and the National Council for Culture and Arts, through the Cultural Infrastructure of States Support Program (PAICE).

On March 27th, 2003, the Cuale Cultural Center was inaugurated by Pedro Ruiz Higuera, the City Mayor at that time; Thus, the eastern part of the island was officially declared a cultural space.

During the 2012-2015 administration, the Vallartense Culture Institute emerges as an administrative instance, in charge of artistic workshops, the auditorium, the esplanade, open spaces for events as well as artistic and cultural initiatives of various kinds.

On February 2nd, 2017 the Vallartense Culture Institute officially became a Decentralized Public Body (OPD):

Continues to be the cultural arm of the government, but with this new figure it is able to maintain a more continuous work in the development of programs and initiatives; Also to seek resources in a more direct way, and to extend the scope of management to private and international instances, with the ease of being able to receive tax deductible donations.

Currently the Cuale River Island houses the Vallartense Culture Institute being the only public space for teaching the arts in Puerto Vallarta, which includes a multipurpose auditorium as well as a teaching center for music, performing arts and visuals.